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In your own swimming pool "Warm water, just like the South Seas"

The advantages of a solar pool heating

Feel good in water warmed by solar energy.
Feel good in water warmed by solar energy.


Permanently 100% free-of-charge thermal energy for your warm water pool.

Every owner of a swimming pool would like to swim in it as often as possible. But it's no fun if the water is cold. And oil, gas or electric heating is very expensive.

The solar-rapid® collector doesnt't only allow you to use your pool for another three months each year. It also enables you to keep the water temperature just right in spells of bad weather.
Take advantage of free-of-charge solar warmth and enjoy water that is on average 6-8° C warmer.

And you can save still more money, thanks to the personal advice service we offer when you make your purchase. Because our expertise means that even at the planning stage we can really help you out.