ROOS Freizeitanlagen GmbH
In your own swimming pool "Warm water, just like the South Seas"

To your advantage:

  • Quick free-of-charge-heating
  • Extremely easy Assembly
  • No maintenance costs
  • Tailor-made collector sizes
  • Easy to fasten
  • Storm and winter-proof
  • Top quality: made in Germany

Feeling good with warmth that comes free-of-charge



The collector will deliver free-of-charge warmth, without the need of electricity, oil, gas etc. Solar energy is always free-of-charge, and also climate-friendly. 
Thanks to the construction-kit principle, it can be well adapted to almost all available surfaces. As it is especially designed for doing it yourself, the assembly is extremely easy.  

The solar-rapid pool heating system is exclusively "made in Germany.

Video: This is the simple installation.