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Public swimmingpool in Luxemburg (November 2018)

Since 2012, the municipal outdoor pool in Luxembourg has been heated by over 500 m2 of solar-rapid absorber surface. The 11 individual absorbers use the entire roof surface of a neighboring building. Thus, 860 m3 of water can be brought to pleasant temperatures.

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Municipal Outdoor Pool Kolbermoor (near Rosenheim) (November 2018)

Since April 2018, the municipal outdoor pool of the municipality Kolbermoor has been heated with solar-rapid absorbers. A total of 400m2 solar area was laid on the roof of the locker room after the old solar heater (another make of rubber hoses) was broken. Within two weeks, the system was...

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"the pool is around 6 degrees warmer than other pools" (September 2018)

Hello Peter,   nice to hear from you. Yes, we are very happy about the ROOS system. It does its work perfectly, and our experience is indeed that the pool is around 6 degrees warmer than other pools. That is also the feedback that our pool maintenance person is giving us. In April (as you...

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"While the pools of the neighbors reached between 15 and 17 ° Celsius, we had up to 25 ° C." (November 2018)

"Hello Mr. Spahn, ... I can only say positive things about the system. The first ROOS solar system ran without any façades after more than 20 years, but was severely damaged by the fire in Javea in 2016. ... This year, in March, which was relatively cold in 2018, we were in Spain. While the...

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"Now, with the ROOS System we save a lot of money" (June 2017)

solar-rapid poolheating, Costa Blanca

solar-rapid poolheating, Costa Blanca

"For many years more than 1.000 EUR have been spent on heating oil, only to warm up our pool here on Costa Blanca. Now, with the ROOS System we save a lot of money, because the sun heats up our pool practically for nothing."

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