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In your own swimming pool "Warm water, just like the South Seas"

NEW:"solar-rapid PREMIUM poolheating" high-efficiency system

Screw it togehter, plug it in, done!

The PREMIUM collector marks a further development of the highly successful Roos Solar-System.

What's new? Which are the Advantages?

The benefits you get with the solar-rapid PREMIUM collector:

  • Rapid assembly:screw ist together, plug it in, done
  • Wave Distributor from a single mould with thread and union nut (robust, highly resilient, solar-active)
  • Collector material tried and tested for more than 35 years = sun-, storm- and frost-resistant
  • Professional Fittings for perfect screw-together connections

solar-rapid PREMIUM collector
solar-rapid PREMIUM collector

New distribution and collector pipes

Even the Distribution and collector pipes are now made of wave-form solar polypropylene. Thanks to the wave-form, the pipe surface-area is tripled, thus transforming the distributors / collectors into fully integrated parts of the solar-active surface. That means even more efficient water-heating can be achieved.

solar-rapid PREMIUM poolheating with wave-formed distribution and collector pipes
solar-rapid PREMIUM poolheating with wave-formed distribution and collector pipes

Distribution and collector pipes are available in section lengths of 0.5m or 1m; these lengths are adjustable in increments of 7cm; and section lengths can be screwed together virtually without limit.

Because adhesive bonding is no longer required, installations are ready for operation as soon as they have been assembled, saving a huge amount of time.

Assembly is by means of specially developed professional-fittings, and if needed all connections can be taken apart again without damage.

Collector pipelines made of the same material

Outstanding features of the special polypropylene used are its extremely long durability and its robustness. All collector pipe-lines (including supply and return pipes) are made of the same material, ensuring consistent heat absorption, consistent thermal expansion and consistent heat resistance. The “solar-rapid PREMIUM” absorber is sun-, winter- and storm-proof. It goes without saying that it is also resistant to damage from rodents and all standard water care products.

Robustness during transportation and assembly

Einfach zusammenrollen und an den vorgesehenen Platz bringen.
Einfach zusammenrollen und an den vorgesehenen Platz bringen.

Its robustness during transportation and assembly constitutes another advantage. Its wave-form surfaces make for high stability, whilst at the same ensuring that the distributors / collectors are flexible. It is scarcely possible to damage these components whilst the absorber is being moved (onto a roof, for example) or whilst they are being assembled.

The “solar-rapid PREMIUM” distributors / collectors can be rolled up sideways-on, but when they are rolled lengthways they still remain stiff and retain their form. Even distributors / collectors that are as much as 5m long can be rolled up and transported by car.