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Solar systems for public swimming pools: solar-rapid public

Public swimming pool Luxembourg

Higher income due to extended bathing season

Due to its design, the ROOS Solar System can also be used for municipal swimming pools. The plants have proven themselves in Germany and in other European countries for decades.

In the area of public swimming pools, we support you with the complete project process. We are the contact person for local authorities, architects, planners and executing craft businesses.

Thanks to our experience in the private DIY sector, SHK companies also benefit from the simple and fast assembly.

Your advantages with solar-rapid public:

  • Early start of bathing season and longer bathing season
  • Fast heating thanks to 91% efficiency
  • Ribbed tubes multiply the solar-active surface per square metre
  • Flexible in shape & size, adjustable to centimetre accuracy, cut-outs possible
  • Extremely robust solar polypropylene for long durability, no abrasion of absorber material
  • Storm-, sun-, rodent- and winterresistant
  • Quick and easy assembly with screw connections (re-detachable, no sticking, immediately loadable)
  • Solar heat is environmentally friendly and emission-free
  • Walk-in absorber (filled and unfilled), easy maintenance
  • Made in Germany – proven over 35 years

Reference: Public swimming pool Kolbermoor

The community pool in Kolbermoor near Rosenheim has been heated mainly by solar absorbers made of EPDM material since 1990. The bathing water volume of about 2000m3 is heated to 23 to 24 °C using the sun.In summer 2016, the pool operators discovered that the hoses had become porous and leaks had occurred in the system installed since 2004. A new facility had to be found urgently for the coming summer of the outdoor pool.

Through the city, a local plumbing company learned about the project and began to look for an alternative. This was found in late summer 2016 during a visit to the “interbad” trade fair in Stuttgart with the “solar-rapid” pool heater. The modular principle, simple installation and competent advice were the decisive factors.

Together with a Roos employee, the plumbing company prepared the planning for the new facility. A solar absorber area of approx. 400m2 was provided for heating the 1700m3 swimming pool and the 350m3 non-swimmer pool. This area was divided into nine individual collectors.

In autumn 2017, the demolition of the old building and the renovation of the flat roof of the dressing area began. Installation of the new solar system was planned for April 2018, in time for the start of the season of the outdoor pool in early May.

Within 14 days, the approximately 10km long plastic lines were laid, 90 distributors/collectors screwed, all connections installed and put into operation. Company CEO Hans-Peter Daxlberger was very satisfied:

“Although it was our first solar pool heater ever, there were no problems with the implementation. This is mainly due to the good documentation and the collaboration with Roos leisure facilities."

The city of Kolbermoor is also pleased with the new facility, which ran smoothly during the 2018 season.

Source: IKZ-Haustechnik, issue 9/2019