ROOS Freizeitanlagen GmbH
In your own swimming pool "Warm water, just like the South Seas"

"We’re very satisfied."

Solar-rapid pool heating beside the pool.

Solar-rapid pool heating beside the pool.

"Dear Sir/Madam,

On 18th March 2006 I picked up the equipment I had ordered from you.  It was ready and waiting.  Thanks to your excellent instructions I was able to set up the collector on site with no problems.  The same applied to the pipelines and connection to the existing filter system.  Everything went like clockwork.

After start-up, both the facility and the automatic control worked immediately and faultlessly.
Ever since then the facility has been running with a water temperatures of 28 degrees. 
It only took 3 days to heat the water from a temperature of 16 degrees to the mentioned 28 degrees (during the night the pool was covered over with a swimming pool tarpaulin).

That is to say, what happened was exactly what you promised in your documentation and during our face-to-face discussions.  For this I’d like to pay tribute to you.  We are so happy.  This is what we wanted to tell you as well. 

Best wishes,  

Dr. Klaus D."