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"More than 10 years and very happy" (January 2020)

A client from Belgium: "What works in Belgium, will certainly work in Spain, too. I already have a ROOS solar pool heating in Belgium for more than 10 years and I am very happy with it. Peter Spahn was very flexible and competent and installed our new solar plant in Javea (Alicante) for our...

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Public swimmingpool in Luxemburg (November 2018)

Since 2012, the municipal outdoor pool in Luxembourg has been heated by over 500 m2 of solar-rapid absorber surface. The 11 individual absorbers use the entire roof surface of a neighboring building. Thus, 860 m3 of water can be brought to pleasant temperatures.

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"Now, with the ROOS System we save a lot of money" (June 2017)

solar-rapid poolheating, Costa Blanca

solar-rapid poolheating, Costa Blanca

"For many years more than 1.000 EUR have been spent on heating oil, only to warm up our pool here on Costa Blanca. Now, with the ROOS System we save a lot of money, because the sun heats up our pool practically for nothing."

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[Translate to English:] Optimale Flächennutzung (November 2015)

[Translate to English:] Flexibel in Form und Größe

[Translate to English:] Bei dieser Referenz sieht man sehr gut, wie anpassungsfähig die solar-rapid Poolheizung ist. Durch das Baukastensystem ist der Bauherr fast völlig frei in Form und Größe. So kann die zur Verfügung stehende Solarfläche bestmöglich ausgenutzt werden, was in einer schnellen...

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Making perfect use of the roof for warming up the pool water optimally (February 2010)

Making optimal use of the surface area = the greatest amount of thermal energy.

Making optimal use of the surface area = the greatest amount of thermal energy.

A total of 3 solar-rapid® collectors have been installed on this sloping roof.  They have a combined surface area of 28m².  The two smaller ones beside the window are placed longitudinally, and the larger one is placed cross-wise, above the window.   This pool heating installation...

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