ROOS Freizeitanlagen GmbH
In your own swimming pool "Warm water, just like the South Seas"

Roos Freizeitanlagen GmbH celebrates the company's 40th anniversary

Free heat für the pool: The solar heating "solar-rapid" relies on solar energy

Free heat für the pool: The solar heating "solar-rapid" relies on solar energy

The Roos Freizeitanlagen Gmbh celebrates the company's 40th anniversary. In 1973 the company founder Franz Roos developed a build it yourself pool system, making everyone's dream of owning their own pool possible.

Whoever can build it themselves, saves money

In the early 1970s having your own pool was a luxury. Roos did away with that image - without making it out to be "chinzy". Right from the beginning, personal customer service - especially during the construction phase - was always at the forefront. Many satisfied customers can attest that this was not just some empty advertising promise. One of them gets right to the point: "We are thrilled with our pool and are happy that everything went so well during construction." Roos offers kits in different categories - from basic to premium above ground pools.

Perfect pioneering achievement

In the 1980s, Roos was way out in front. Roos was one of the first companies to campaign for an environmentally friendly swimming pool operation. With the development of "solar-rapid" solar pool heating, Roos decisively influenced the industry trend toward "green swimming pleasure". A solar heating system is not just for "ecological fanatics", but above all for clever calculators and lovers of the long-term. As expresses a customer: "The pool heater runs and runs. I have reached 28 degrees Celsius after four days in mid May. The purchase price for the system is justified, it meets its description 100 percent. "

Expertise, proximity and continuity

What is Roos' secret of success? Expertise, proximity and continuity - with these three pillars in place, the rest is easy. The customer, with his wishes and desires, is always at the heart of our company's philosophy. Customer service will not be spared - and not on material and the necessary know-how either. Management and staff are fully open to further developments - without abandoning proven ones.

Continuity in the family business

Roos is a classic family business. The second generation has for many years worked together in the company with Franz Roos. Nicole Maurer, daughter of the founder, and Kai Maurer move with the times. They have adapted their swimming pool kits to the smaller plots in urban locations. In addition, they have fulfilled customers' needs for more and higher quality equipment. Each pool has not only a counter-current for swimming exercise but also a pool cover to save energy as well as solar heating for a green operation. And a lighting system that give the water surface a constant attractive shine.