ROOS Freizeitanlagen GmbH
In your own swimming pool "Warm water, just like the South Seas"

Easy to integrate into the water circulation

Collector operation using a ROOS Solar Control valve

With Solar Control valve
With Solar Control valve

The collector is integrated into the existing circulation by means of two T-pieces for the inlet and drain pipes respectively.

The filter system with its own pump filters the pool water and, simultaneously pumps it to the collector. The ROOS Solar Control valve routes the circulating water either through the collector, or straight back into the swimming pool, depending on the temperatures. As soon as the desired pool temperature is reached, it stops the supply of heated water.  


Collector operation using a separate pump

With Solar Control pump set
With Solar Control pump set

The collector is connected to a separate pump.  

Sometimes local conditions make the use of a separate pump necessary.  Here too a Solar Control is used to control the collector operation.

Ready to plug in!

ROOS Solar controls are ready to plug in. This means that as soon as you have put the plug into the socket the control is ready for use. You won’t need an electrician – and this again saves you a lot of money!