ROOS Freizeitanlagen GmbH
In your own swimming pool "Warm water, just like the South Seas"

Simple operation with ROOS® Solar Control

Solar control makes thermal energy flow.
Solar control makes thermal energy flow.

The ROOS® solarcontrol valve:

Its function is to activate collector operation as soon as there is efficient solar radiation, and to end operation as soon as it becomes colder, or the pool water has reached the intended temperature.  

Using a ROOS Solar Control valve for collector operation, you can save a lot of electricity, because your filter circulation pump can simultaneously pump the water through the filter AND the collector.

Important advantages for you:

  • 3 devices in one: 1. Solar valve, 2. Solar control, 3. Electric valve operating mechanism
  • ready to plug in; no electrician needed for the installation
  • high security: 12/24 volts (low voltage)
  • hotter water: because almost every solar ray gets converted into heat for your swimming pool
  • suitable to be connected to swimming pool pipes, Ø50 and Ø63.
  • green/red/yellow pilot lights indicate the particular setting
  • a high temperature limit can be set a suitable temperature
  • a toggle switch for the operating positions: "automatic", "on", "off"
  • with a connected water and solar sensor (15m)
  • a water sensor with a measuring point, integrated in the valve