ROOS Freizeitanlagen GmbH
In your own swimming pool "Warm water, just like the South Seas"

Long life-span thanks to top-quality materials


Practical experience:

Tests on solar-rapid 25 pipes more than 18 years old showed that their functionality was faultless, and the heating power was still good!

These products attack rubber and many other materials, and collectors for instance made of EPDM are damaged from within, resulting in black flocculation in the pool water.  
In contrast to this, the material used for solar-rapid is resistant against the standard chemicals in the pool water.

Top test results:

collector connection.  

Technical data:

Thermal efficiency: 91% (

Vacuum-proof: with intended
operating pressure: max. 1.5 bar;
test pressure: max. 3 bar

ROOS is a registered quality brand

Only authentic with the ROOS logo
Only authentic with the ROOS logo